Currently No. 1

I somehow stumbled upon a ‘current’ post, where the person laid out what they were into, whether it was food or clothing or other blogs. I. Was. Fascinated. Why was such a simple thing so interesting to read?! Maybe it has to do with my infinite love for lists, but nevertheless I want to make it a thing around here. I think including pictures of what’s happening is the best way to go for us to really turn into a good summary.

Listening to: Titus Haug’s album ‘There Is Time’. Up and Vanished podcast. This Is Us playlist on Spotify.

Wearing: Ergobaby (constantly). We have the original carrier and Evelyn is just about big enough to use it without the Infant Insert. Nike Dri Fit hat. Luca+Grae tunic. Target t-shirts (they were on sale).

Loving: Taking pictures of Evie. Hiking during naptime. We’re working our way through a trail book and having so much fun doing so. My new SUV. Family time every Sunday.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Looking forward to: My first Mother’s Day. A local bubble park party. Starting Evie in swim lessons so so soon. Going back to school.

Eating and drinking: Homemade curry, loaded with vegetables. We’ve been loving this super simple recipe. Coffee Mate coconut creamer in sweet cream. Celery and sunbutter.




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